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Engineering Support

Lucas Aero Technics provide vital support to operators and owners.

Specialising in the assistance, advice, consultancy and intermediary to owners and their designated operators.

The roles are numerous and varied to suit each client, it is possible that you as the owner feel the need to have “your own” Engineer, to visit your helicopter on a regular basis and ensure it is kept serviceable and airworthy at your premises.

It could be that you feel the need to have an Engineering representative while your helicopter is undergoing major maintenance.

Perhaps you want an advisor to oversee the maintenance billing.

Perhaps you are planning a significant modification and want an Engineer to oversee the project.

All of these examples are our day to day working areas. Contact us with your question, query, concern. We are sure to be able to assist.

From defect diagnosis, Borescope (video probe) internal inspection, to Rotor Balancing and more, the list is endless.

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